Workforce Identity Management

Workfoce identity management - also known as traditional, employee or entrerprise identity management is a solution to manage employee/contractor life cycle events and access. These systems primary functions are:

  • Identity Life Cycle Event Management
  • Access Provisioning
  • Identity Governance

Workforce IAM consists of user onboarding, role based access provisioning and access certification

Identity Life Cycle Event Management

One of the basic functions performed by workforce IAM is to onboard new employees, process transfers and terminations.

Access Provisioning

Lets workforce users request roles and entitlements that grant account and specififc access to systems. These requests go through an approval process and once all approvals are in place, an account is created in the target system and user's account is added to LDAP group or database.

Access Certification

Organizations are required by regulations to attest for access granted to users. A snapshot of users access is sent to users' leader to certify if the users still need the access they have. If the leader revokes acces, it will be deprovisoned.