Services and Solutions

IAM Architecture and Consulting

IAM architecture is a complicated business. RBAC or Hybrid approach. Complaiance and privacy regulations. Password management

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Integration Services

IAM integration is not for faint of the heart. It requires skills in many enterprise level technologies. We have mutiple successful engagements under our belt.

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Identity for Connected Cars

Build identity solutions around the driver not around the vehicle. Move away from VIN centricity. We have 20 years of expereince in automotive IT

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Directory Services

Fundamentally sound directory is the starting point for any IAM solution. LDAP was developed at Michigan. We a know a thing or two about ditrectories.

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DocuTell has experienced associates who have helped many customers define an enterprise IAM architecture for their organizational needs. From requirements to provisioning the necessary hardware, software, security, networking, and resourcing to build and deploy your IAM solution.


Custom Soultions for Connected Cars

Identity and Application Development for Connected Car Platform

Directory Services


We are implementing IAM solutions for the last 8 years

Development Skills

We have solid expereince in J2EE, LDAP, Java Script, PKI and other enterprise technologies.


IBM Security Identity Manager, Salil Point, RSA,

Directory Services

IBM Directory Server, Open LDAP, Active Directory, Oracle Enterprise Directory

Identity Governace

Recertifications. Role Based Access. Reporting

Risk Based Authentication

Two factor authentication, One time password, Risk based authorization

Federated Identity

SAML 2.0, OAuth, OpenID, Oing, IBM Federated Identity Manager. CA

Identity Analytics

Actionable intelligence

Adapter Development

Custom adapaters for Mainframe provisioning, or other repositories.