RoleNinja is built to modernize access modeling. Organizations are faced with exploding user entitlements (permissions) that need to be governed. Least privileged access governance and ever exploding roles and entitlements are in direct conflict. Roleninja strives to reduce this complexity by building a hybrid access model

Multi stage preprocessor to remove duplicates, orphans and subsets
Role mining to group the entitlements into bundles
Visualization of access data to gain insights

High powered Nvidia GPU processing

Using Nvidia GPU powered high end servers, access modelling becomes a breeze. Typical role modelling project involves multiple iterations. Running through iterations quicly is very important. RoleNinja will analyze existing set of user permissions to extract birth right roles. Birth right roles are common set of permissions that are assigned to large number of users.

SOD Validation

You can build entitlement or role based SOD rules and let the system validate the generated roles for any SOD voilation. Adjust the permissions and generate new role model to be compliant with SOD policies

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