Customer Identity Management

Customer Identity and Access Management

It is imperative that we know our customers. Customer identity management is all about providing a seamless user expereince during authentication process that is secure with minimal intrusion. Instead of buying unreliable data from data brokers, organizations should engage with customers, let them volunteer information about themselves during registration process. Companies should build on the initial profile data to collect more information with out infringing on privacy of the customer. Managing the customer profile and using them in innovative ways to convert them to real customers, keep them safe using two factor authentication and personalizing their interaction with the organization to save them time is core of customer identity management.

Social authentication, SSO, Adaptive multi factor authentication used in a such way to minimize risk of compromising identities at the same time providsing frictionless expereince is how a CIAM platform is measured. Additionally the platform should provide tools, methodology and solutions that will fast track, any organization into managing customer identities. Using first party (your) customer data, registration as a service, and profile management should provide companies the toolset needed to engage customers, incentivize them to divulge more personal preferances, manage these profiles seamlessly across various devices. DocuTell is a strong player in web portals, content management and traditional identity management. It is natural for us to expand into customer identity management. We are partnering with some of the leading vendors to bring CIAM to businesses in midwest. Managing customer profiles, implementing risk based authentication and authorization are essential in this connected world.

Let DocuTell help you implement a solid platform that grows with time and stays current. Unlike traditional IAM systems, CIAM engagements are short, less than 4 months. Call us at (248) 792 7437 or email us.